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Hi-Lo Renovation Day 2


Day 2 So today was a long day. It involved just a lot of tedious tasks such as pulling out staples and such. Once that was done the next task was to lift off the roof skin. Looking up inside the carport gave me an idea. I decided to lift the roof and let it hang just above the trailer instead of trying to move it and store it elsewhere. Mainly the reason … [Read more...]

1965 Shasta Compact Custom Glamper For Sale

camper downtown

This trailer looks so sweet. Read below what the seller says about it. 1965 Shasta compact "Morning Glory" is titled, all gussied up and ready for your next adventure. She's better than new with her contemporary retro design including custom paint, new ceiling, slip covers, screens, and baby moon hub caps. Her axle has been reinforced, new electric, newly … [Read more...]

Hi-Lo Renovation Day 1


So work begins this week on the 61 Hi-Lo. {You can click on any photo below to make it larger} Setting up a work space The first order of business is to move the trailer into the carport so I have somewhere to work that is dry in case it rains. Removing Seams Next I had to remove all the seams. This means unscrewing a ridiculous about of screws and some … [Read more...]

Terrapin Custom Trailer Camper For Sale


While this isn't a vintage trailer, I thought you all would enjoy learning more about these Terrapin's. It reminds me of a sweet little cabin but on wheels! This is what the owner/designer says about this model; The Terrapin is our new model series of trailer campers.  This particular unit is built on a 5'x8' custom trailer frame, with 3,500 lb axle, and 15" wheels. … [Read more...]

1960 Kencraft Trailer For Sale


~~ THIS TRAILER IS NOW SOLD ~~ Check out this little Kencraft! I've always thought these were neat how they have the one piece roof. This is what the seller has to say about it! This 1960 Kencraft is in good condition. Gas fridge and gas stovetop work.  No bathroom but it has a closet.  No leaks or major damage. Actual trailer length is 16 feet long.  No A/C . … [Read more...]

Dear Vintage Trailer Buyer, an Open Letter


{Feel free to "Pin" the above or share it on Facebook} Dear Potential Vintage Trailer Buyer, I received your list of 50+ questions about my vintage trailer that I have for sale. (See bottom of letter for link to the questions.) Honestly I think your questions were extremely well thought out! I think that it shows you really know how to do your homework and that … [Read more...]

1965 Frolic with Bathroom For Sale


~~~ THIS TRAILER IS NOW SOLD ~~~ This cutie is mine (owned by Little Vintage Trailer) and is 13 ft long and 16 including the tongue. It has a double bed in the rear, a fold down bunk above and the dinette also folds down. Will sleep 5-6 comfortably. It also has a bathroom with toilet. It has new flooring. Newer dorm fridge. I will include the original AQUA propane … [Read more...]

1961 Hi-Lo and Name Contest


"Honey, I glanced in the rear view mirror and there it was...just following me home." "Oh but babe it's an orphan and needs a family to love it." As I was driving home I was pondering various things I would say to the Mr. about how this one ended up in our driveway as he had no clue I was off yet again to pick up a vintage trailer (can you relate?). I knew I … [Read more...]

1958 Westerner For Sale


1958 Westerner Sportsman.15 ft overall, 12 ft. box.1460 pds.Repainted to original graphics, all windows original except front(better than original:watertight!)Original wood screen door,beautiful birch wood interior, backplash,icebox.Professionally restored dinette makes into bed, rear sofa makes into another.Gas wall heater near door,range.Electric all works.Nice … [Read more...]

Business Review: American Vintage Camper


Business Name: American Vintage Camper Website: Facebook Page: Contact Info: (937) 243-9525 26525 Claibourne Rd, Richwood, Ohio I recently had the pleasure of having some work done on our 65 Frolic at American Vintage Camper. These guys know … [Read more...]