Vintage Trailer Interior Pictures

I often find myself ohhhing and ahhing when I see other vintage trailer interiors. Folks are just so creative in how they go about decorating them. There is everything from Shabby Chic, Cottage, Retro and even Cowgirl themes. I thought I’d share some of my favorite interior pictures that I’ve run across on the Web.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

This is “Constance” a darling caravan that lives in the UK. She’s just as darling on the outside too. She serves as a playhouse for a little girl.

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  1. Oh My…As Always Super Adorable…I think I could Happily live in one of these…Okay then again maybe not…I don't think the family would be to happy…All 7 of us… : ) You should link this up to My Blue Monday over at my blog…

  2. Great pics that offer some great ideas. I always wonder how much time it takes people to secure all that stuff so they can drive without disaster.

    The Tuckerbag

  3. Ruby Jean, how do I do a link up?

  4. Ash, yes I would imagine a lot of items would need to be secured before towing. In our case we put things in bins in the closet before taking off. Fortunately, my trailer is small enough it doesn't take long to take things down or set them back up (:

  5. soooo pretty. those are some of my favorites too! thanks for the inspiration. :o)

  6. I love these. I tell you, someday . . . . I will get my trailer. I never had my own apartment. I went from my parent's home to college, back to my parent's home, and then got married. I wanted to have my own little place but couldn't really afford it, and then once I got married decorating it in pink and shabby chic was kind of not going over well. I am going to keep adding those little touches to my sewing room though, until I get my trailer. Thanks for sharing.

  7. And by the way, those pennant banners are adorable!

  8. Bob Melvin says:

    Looking for help for owners manual floorplan and ideas for recently purchased 1978 terry wilderness

  9. Wendy Peter says:

    I love the colors on Constance. I am going to do them on my vintage trailer. I researched them, and the green is a match to a 1931 Oldsmobile colour. 🙂

  10. 3LittleBirds says:

    I love it! And your pennant banners, both on the inside and outside are great! Did you make them, and if so, did you use just regular fabric or special fabric for outdoors? I want to make one for my girls’ playhouse.

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