Country Living Fair

I came upon a delightful blog called A Sort Of Fairytale that I just love! She shares all kinds of fun stuff including her recent trip to the Country Living Fair. Talk about some serious – drool worthy photographs. I am determined to make a date to go next year. Not only do they have what looks like some of the best treasures to be found but they have little vintage trailers which is right up my alley. It combines the best of both worlds in my book. 

I’m definitely going next year. Who’s with me? Let’s get several of us gals together and make a shopping date (I’m serious).

Check out her blog here: 

Check out some of the great pictures she took and visit her blog to see more!


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  1. I really enjoy your blog. I don't have a vintage trailer, but I have a nice, relatively new one. It's fun to see what you do. =D

  2. I have wanted to go to the CL Fair for years (I have lots of family in Columbus,OH) but had a work event that always fell on that weekend. I recently changed jobs though so next year I'm there! It looks amazing.

  3. Did you take your camper there? Do you know when the fair is next year? Looks like a lot of fun!!! Thanks for sharing….

    by the way…did you decide on your chalkboard?

  4. Shirley, glad you enjoy it (:

    Betsy, sure hope you get to go next year. It will be my first time attending as well and I can't wait!

    Amy, no we weren't there but hope to go as shoppers next year. I'll try and find out a date for next years event for you and post it when I do. On the chalkboard, I decided that I'll try and make a lightweight framed in one that I can attach to the door interior. That way I can leave the wood as it is and remove the chalkboard if I ever wanted to. That will be a good winter project I think.

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