Kindle Fire and staying connected while camping

While I believe the best kind of camping would be enjoying the outdoors for what it is; natural, untouched and uninterrupted beauty. Things such as cooking over a campfire, breathing in fresh air and sleeping under the stars. All of these things while leaving technology at home.

However, there are those of us that need to stay connected to the real world in some capacity. For me it’s because I run several online businesses and need to have access to e-mail in case one of my clients needs customer support. So the options for this are a laptop computer, a cell phone or a Tablet

I’ve used two of the three listed above. Many times I’ve lugged my laptop around or have used my cell phone. Have you ever tried reading e-mail on a teeny tiny screen? Or tried typing a response on the on-screen keyboard. You would laugh out loud if you watched me try. The lap top is great however, it’s just not real portable in the sense of the word. I wanted something I could hold in my hand but yet was big enough I could read the screen or watch movies on.

I’ve always wanted a Tablet but didn’t want to spend a ton. I know there are some out there that can do a ton of stuff but for what I would want the table for: Reading, Internet, Movies, Music and Games, I decided the Kindle Fire is the best choice at the most reasonable cost.

I am so excited about this Tablet! You can have access to over 10,000 movies, books and other content through Amazon. You can also download various Apps for games and more. It also has Wifi access so you can get on the Internet and browse websites and check e-mail. All of those features are just what I need when I’m on the go. The best part besides all of that? It’s 7 inches and has a gorgeous full color, vibrant screen. The perfect size. Camping while connected…ah, life is good. I’m already dreaming of lazily reading my favorite novel while lounging in the hammock. All of this for only $199! You just can’t beat that!

Here is a link to read all about them!;=pattmart-20&linkCode;=as2&camp;=217145&creative;=399373&creativeASIN;=B0051VVOB2

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  1. I too was impressed with this as it covered all the bases for me! Maybe Santa will slip us both one!

  2. Enjoy your Kindle Fire!

    I've had an ipad for about 18 months now – I don't know how I lived without one; I agree with you that although camping out should be all about enjoying the great outdoors, sometimes it is not possible/feasible to be without internet access etc.

  3. I should have mine on Monday. I played with a demo in the store and already love it! I think it will really be handy while camping.

  4. UPDATE: I have it in my hot little hand and have been playing with it today. Oh my word, I LOVE it! I set up GMAIL right from the app. Also set up Netflix from the app and Facebook. I'm hoping Pinterest comes out with a app soon as well. You can read tons of free books in the lending library and as a Amazon Prime member you can watch free movies, TV shows, etc., Love my Kindle Fire! Well worth the $199 (and $79.95/year for the Amazon Prime membership option). You get the first month of Prime free too.

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