Featured Trailer – 1950 Kenskill Vintage Camper

I wanted to share this little cutie with you all. You know I have to say the more I see the polished aluminum trailers, the more I like them. Granted, I love the look of the ones that have exterior paint jobs but all this shiny goodness is really starting to work it’s appeal into my heart.

This restored, 1950 Kenskill recently sold on eBay for $12,201. It measures a whopping 10 feet long and is truly a canned ham. It weighs in at 1400 lbs. Couldn’t you just see yourself camping in this adorable little tin can? There are so many things I love about this trailer. I think because it reminds me of my 1955 Bellwood, whom by the way is still waiting for more polish work on her exterior. If I could only catch a reprieve in this 100 degree weather I would be out there getting it done!

Is this cute or what!? So much cuteness I can hardly stand it.

I bet that storage box comes in quite handy. A good place to house a 12V battery system as well.

She has some dreamy birch that’s for sure! Dining for 2 or a place to play a few hands of cards when it’s raining out.

A compact kitchen with a sink and icebox.

A place for sweet dreams.

A place for sweet dreams.

See that little fan on the wall above the bed area? I ordered a chrome one just like it HERE to install in the 55 Bellwood. They are actually normally used by truck drivers as dashboard fans to help cool the cab area. But hey, they look darling in vintage trailers and help get air moved around.

And there she goes….off to new adventures with her lucky new owners! Happy trails!

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  1. debra kellerman says:

    who is the fortunate new owner of this beauty? i am filled with envy!

  2. Spectacular!

  3. Swoon! I love the birch interior & the box. Oh, she is so shiny & pretty what a lucky owner!

  4. How do you install a 12V system? We just bought a 66 Shasta. I don’t have a title, but the seller told me it was a 66. There are no plugs in side. Is that normal? There are a couple of electric lights and 2 gas lights. I would sure love a plug for a fan and a way to run the fan.

    • Hi Vickie, I’ve not heard of one having no plug in outlets at all. I would recommend maybe having someone check out the wiring system to see why it doesn’t.


  1. […] That’s a tough one as I like so many of them! If I had to pick just one though I would say the 1950 Kenskill. It’s just such a great example of an early 50’s vintage trailer, not to mention it is […]

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