Featured Trailer – 1970 Tag-A-Long

In the vintage trailer world there is some debate on whether it’s OK to paint the interior of a trailer. Those that are purist would say absolutely do not paint the interior. However, then there are others who enjoy the look of a light, airy freshly painted interior. Personally speaking I think I’m sitting on both sides of the fence on this issue. While I love a vintage trailer in it’s natural, original state with beautiful birch wood, I also like the look of one that has been tastefully painted. For me this only applies to trailers that have been painted NOT to hide wood damage but rather those that may have started out their existence with ugly 70’s paneling or some sort of non-birch interior. A good example of this would be our 61 Shasta Compact. The original wood in it was a blonde color and it was tired looking so we opted to paint it.

This 1970’s Tag=A-Long recently sold on eBay and with the owners permission I wanted to share some pictures with those that may have not seen it. This is a nice example in my opinion of a nice, soft and yet airy looking interior.

It reminds me of a quaint cottage with the bead board cupboards and the paint color choices.

While I’m not crazy about installed A/C units, they did a nice job concealing it when it’s not in use by covering it with some toile.

I think the flooring was a good choice in this trailer also. It sort of ties in the cottage look.

For those of you considering painting the interior of your camper, I hope this one offers some inspiration!

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  1. this is beautiful, someone added bead board which really dresses it up, if it did have the paneling, but it would be a sin to paint over the birch, people see my trailer and say oh the wood, it didn’t look like that when I got it, it has to be sanded and schalacked but if you have that birch you won’t be sorry to shine it up

    • Elaine, I agree. Not much compares to the warm glow of birch! I have an even higher appreciation for it now with our Bellwood. I’ve seen some of the older trailers that have the real dark birch and I’m not crazy about that if it’s a small trailer (too dark and cave-like for me), but the medium to honey colored birch I love.

  2. I painted the inside of my Shasta Compact. The paint color is “Betsy’s Linen”, a no brainer for me to choose. I love the painted walls. It makes the trailer more open and less like a cave.

  3. Beautiful. Every time I think I have my colors picked out for my interior I see pictures like this and change mind.

  4. Sometimes you have no choice but to paint. My 59 mobile scout had already been painted but was dark and I wanted it lightened up. Just depends on what the owner wants.

  5. Love the pictures. We are currently in the process of redoing our 2006 Keystone Springdale trailer. Yes, it’s only 6 years old, but after we had a family of mice move in last fall, we had no choice but to gut it. Which was a blessing in disguise because now I can make it over into my light and airy cottage on wheels! I painted the walls linen white and we have put in new vinyl wood flooring. Ripped out the kitchen(except for the fridge and microwave) and replaced it with an additional couch/sleeper that we made. We never used the stove and with 7 kids we needed more sitting and sleeping space. We rearranged the floorplan a bit and we cut a huge hole in the wall to open up the whole area. I love it so far and can’t wait until I get to the decorating part!
    Anyway, I say go for the paint if that is what you like, you have to enjoy the space you are in.
    Thank you for all the inspiration on your blog!


  6. I have a 1972 Tag A Long and it has the “70s” paneling in it. I love the remodel on this little camper. I havent started mine yet so now I have some inspiration! Thanks for the wonderful photos. I think they did a great job on it. Painting was the best way to go on this camper.

    • jeff steckel says:

      could you tell me where vin number is located on your 1972 tag i cannot find it thank you asap

      • hazel hunter says:

        Did you find your vin? I have a early 70’s tag and have not found it. I looked on the electrical and the trailer tongue. No luck. Have fun with yours. I have been working on mine for 300 years (maybe it just feels like that) but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I gutted mine and replaced the paneling with luan. Now I don’t know whether to paint or shellac or poly, etc. I don’t want it dark. My cushions are sage/olive green and my curtains have orange/peachy accents (it is the 70’s)

  7. We painted ours because the orignal paneling had to be removed
    Ill post pics when I get home from camping

  8. We are currently gutting a 1970’s camper and are going with the beadboard for our interior as well! The original (and oh-so-rotten) paneling alternated between a grasscloth pattern and some of the most hideous wallpapered stripes you have ever seen! So, choosing to go with painted interior was easy for us. But, if it had the birch like some of the beauties on this site… Oh, I’d have saved it at any cost!
    This camper is very similar to ours (which is a 1974 Bendix named Clyde). I’m going to be stealing several ideas from this, especially the AC cover. We’re in the South and simply cannot survive without AC, but being able to hide it in the cooler months really appeals to me!

  9. Extra interesting is to look at this one on eBay. I guess this is what it looked like “before”. What a difference! I just love it and am keeping those photos.


  10. Can you recall what this one sold for?

  11. I love this little trailer!

  12. larry forget says:

    Nice article. I sent my Fla older sister the listing as it could have almost been their early trl. We were in Fishkill NY & the listing was not that far away. Glad to see the high selling price.
    PIcs are almost like the Cottage Living mag we get. .. At this time I have to keep searching
    for my Polished outside trl , with that Honey wood inside. east Tenn here.

  13. Glad to see it sold at a good price. I’ll be interested to see what the other one sells for without being prettied up. I would have painted it also but don’t think I’d paint this one!


  14. Hi Everyone, We did the reno on the tag along. Thanks for all your comments I think the camper itself dictates the renovation. This one was a camouflage exterior and panelling that was solid but delaminating from moisture. My husband and I loved the process so much that we are now working on a 1962 scotty. I think every woman should have a little get-away!

  15. Ahhhhh….so loved seeing these pics πŸ™‚
    That little camper speaks peace and relaxation.
    We are currently renovating a 16′, 1968 Franklin, gutting the inside because of rot. It’s an interesting camper in that it has a molded fiberglass front, roof and back. Sides of camper are aluminum.
    We’ve planned on using birch inside, but after seeing the beadboard here, I’m not so sure anymore, LOL…. it looks very cozy.
    Does anyone have any info on a Franklin Coach camper with the molded fiberglass? The company was destroyed in a tornado, and apparently all of their records were lost. I’d love to chat with someone that has a similar model.

    Blessings πŸ™‚

  16. This topic kept me up at night regarding our Shasta! But, the paneling had sections damaged, and there’s no replicating 1960s paneling. They don’t make that color anymore. :/ I agree, if the trailer was birch, I’d do all I could to restore it, but we will be painting this one. I’ve decided to refer to it as a retro-mod restoration, like some people do with hot rods.

  17. We just bought a 1967 Go Tag Along 13′ Trailer. We love it. I’m having a hard time finding the vin #,does anyone know where to find it? Also anyone know where I can find more information about these trailers?

    • michelle says:


      We just purchased a 13′ 1971 Tag-a-Long this past week!
      we have some elbow grease and repairs to do but excited to get to it.
      I will see if I can locate where our Vin# is as well and let you know.
      I havent found too much out about tag alongs- but did happen across an owners guide book,that i believe someone posted here, ill gladly send u in right direction if interested.. maybe we can share some findings about our tag alongs πŸ™‚
      Happy Camping!

    • Did you see about the vin# yet? I just searched “1962 go tag along trailer” with Bing and it was right at the beginning of the search results–a page for go-tag-alongs (not official). Scroll down the posts a little way and it shows about the vin.

  18. Jack Linkul says:

    Just rolled in with a little vintage tag a long… A few years ago I owned a shasta.. Really liked it..Had the chance to purchase this liitle beauty today.. Im planning to try and keep it all original but spruce it up.. I deal in antiques and like things orig. especially if they are a classic..Its just the two of us and we like to go to the Jacks fork river in Eminence Mo.we live only 6 miles out in the wilderness but still wanted a small calper to stay on the river overnight. these little gems are perfect for that. Dont know much about them yet other than it reminded me of my vintage shasta that I really liked. Just thought i would share some of my thoughts. If you love to camp and float,this is the perfect size for a couple Im 72 years old now.& hope i enjoy it..

  19. How often do the Go-Tag-Alongs come available?
    I love this floorplan.

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