Rally Set up

Have you ever went on a camping trip and felt like you were having such fun that the time went by way too fast? That is how we felt this weekend at a rally. It was so nice to catch up with old friends and make new ones.

We arrived on Thursday (next year I’m going a day early) and got all set up. This was Jelly Bean’s first camping trip. Of course as usual I forgot something at home and in this case it was the power cord (OOPS!). I think last time I forgot awning poles LOL! Anyway, everyone was so helpful and loaned me a cord, adapter and even cut down a plug that goes into my trailer because the opening is so small. I was so appreciative!

I think I had the best sleep ever! The rear bed is so comfortable.

Saturday morning we had the picnic table sale. Those are always fun. People bring their wares to sell and set everything out on their table. My friend Alana (who I was sharing the site with) and I set up stuff on the table at the compound (aka, our campsite). I sold a number of things, which was great as that was a lot less I had to pack up to take home.

I had hired my son to watch over the picnic table sale so I could go check out what everyone else was selling. I come back and this is what I find. He was fired on the spot for sleeping on the job LOL!

Saturday afternoon was the open house where all the trailers were open for touring. Even the public came. It was great. I didn’t get quite as many pictures as I would of liked. It’s amazing how you get so caught up in the fun that you forget important things like taking photos for the blog (: But I did get a few of some of the trailers. This year the campground was packed and so there were so many to see.

My site buddy, Alana’s Shasta Airflyte. She has got the inside decorated so sweet! I just love it.

You might recognize this cutie below. This is the Shasta Compact we worked on and sold not too long ago. It was neat to spend time with Beth, the owner and see the trailer again. It’s just as cute as ever!

Each year is themed and this year was Pirates and Wenches. So on Saturday night during the “Booty Bash” everyone dressed up in costume and danced our booties off. Prizes went to the best male and female adults and children. Here are a few of my favorite costumes.

This is my husband and daughter all ready to go shake some booty at the party.

This is me and my bud Joel.

We truly had a fabulous time!

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  1. barbara vengalli says:

    Fabulous pics, Kelle. Looks like lots of fun. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Great pictures – thanks for sharing. We enjoyed meeting you at the rally!

  3. You make a beautiful pirate Kelle! I love your photos. Wish I lived closer to you.

    Hugs ~Annie

  4. What a fabulous post of what certainly looks like a fine event! I love looking at the photos on Alana’s Flickr.

  5. Jack Massimino says:

    Kelle, thanks for posting about the rally. It will be awhile before we can go far to a rally so with posts like this at least we can feel the fun.

  6. Jeff Scheule says:

    Kel, it was great meeting you guys. We enjoyed having your family and Alana & co right next to us. We will see you again in a few years!!! ….Jeff

  7. Hi there! I just stumbled across your site as we’re remodeling our travel trailer as well. Ours isn’t as vintage as some others (1985) but when it is finished it will look it! I’ve used some of your photos as inspiration and we’re in the middle of painting and re-upholstering!

    Is there a rally this year at the South Bend KOA? I live in Indiana would LOVE to attend, but wasn’t sure my 1985 would be vintage enough even with the 1950s remodel.

    • Sheri,

      Yes and I hope you’ll come on out! You’ll need to contact Sandy. I believe the rally is full but you can get on the overflow list as there may be cancellations and/or there may be a site you can share with someone. We’ll be there with our 55 Bellwood. Here is a link with more info: http://nindianarally.blogspot.com/

  8. Hi
    We go to the southern indiana camp rally. Was wondering the dates for the northern rally for 2014.

  9. Sharon Russell says:

    Have a ’71 Shasta Compact. Are there any rallies, or gatherings like this, in our area? We are in the SW corner of Nebraska. We are about 4 hours from Denver to the west, a couple hours from the Kansas state line to the southeast, and the Colorado state line is about 3 miles from my husbands’ farm. ” L’il Bit” wants to go somewhere 🙂

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