Before & After – 1969 Shasta Stratoflyte

Who doesn’t love seeing before and after photos? I know I do! The transformation on Paul’s 1969 Shasta Stratoflyte is simply amazing! This is proof of what hard work and and attention to details can accomplish. Way to go Paul! For now we just have interior photos as Paul is getting ready to paint the exterior. All I can say is WOW, what a difference!

Before and quite a hot mess wouldn’t you agree?

After – Simply amazing right!?




Do you have before/after pictures of your vintage trailer? If so, I’d love to feature them on the blog. You can submit them here:

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  1. This is gorgeous!!

  2. Wow! What a wonderful transformation. Makes you want to head on out and do some camping!

  3. Wow, it’s so nice, great job!

  4. Thanks for sharing Kelle,Love this Shasta,so well done and the colors are just perfect.

  5. I appreciate you sharing the before ——-after. With the degree of renovation this trailer had, what does it cost to do this much renovating?

    • Terri,

      The cost of doing a renovation like this is nowhere near what a newer camper costs.
      I believe the older ones have much more character . . . not to mention MORE WINDOWS!
      Thats the thing that I like about the older campers most; all the windows and the feeling that you are actually camping in the woods.
      But the cost . . . is very reasonable if you do the work yourself. And if you do, it is very rewarding in the end.
      This is a 1969 Shasta Stratoflyte with full kitchen and bathroom (shower, toilet, sink). It is 20 feet long. It had major water damage in all the structural skeleton. I paid $500.00 for the camper . . . gutted it . . . replaced everything; plumbing, wiring, floors, ceiling, cabinets, heating system, water heater, cushions . . . everything but the windows. We will have about $4000.00 in it after I finish painting the outside.
      We couldn’t replace it for that. And it has a homey, cabin feel to it.
      Its a major undertaking, but if you have the time . . . it is worth it.
      Hope you can do it.

  6. That’s encouraging! Do you happen to know what brand/colors linoleum tiles he used on that floor? Beautiful.

    • Kim,

      I appreciate your comments on the camper. It was a lot of work but worth it.
      If you truly want to know the colors and brand of the tiles and so forth, I will
      look into it. I think I have some left over, and I think I got them at Lowes. I know
      they are the commercial tiles . . . very heavy and very durable.

      Thanks again,

  7. larry forget says:

    Interior is great with the canoe deco, Bright cranberry red color.. Looks like the same
    sink faucet I scored Sat. Brand new in box KOHLER & spray hose $ 2. Hoping to score a Shasta 16 ft rear door this week .??? Should be same kitchen layout. ?

  8. Huge change and a inspiration to me for sure!

  9. WOW!! You and your husband really do beautiful work!

  10. Just wondering where you got your red stove??? I am looking for one!!

  11. Paul, did you rebuild the cabinets? We have the same trailer. It’s complete with all of her parts but she’s in pretty bad shape. I’m debating trying to save the existing cabinets or using them as patterns to build new ones.

    • Kristina,
      Our camper was in very, very bad shape, due to water damage. As I began to tear into it, I found so much rot in the walls that I completely gutted the whole thing and started over.
      The original cabinets were in good shape but are attached to the walls in such a way that makes it difficult to remove them without tearing them up. So I made new cabinets to my own liking.
      I would love to see pix of your Stratoflyte, since there are not too many of them out there.

  12. Love it! Everything about the decor works together so nicely. New at this type of thing abd wondering where you found the red stovr and what the counters are made of. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thanks for the comments.
      The stove is the original Shasta stove that came with the camper. It was about the only thing
      salvageable in it. We actually built the whole thing around that stove, using the color as the theme for everything else.
      The counter top I made out of the standard yellow pine stair planks sold at Lowes. I have made many counters out of this material. The planks come in 8 – 10 foot lengths and are 12 inches wide and 1 inch thick. When glued together, stained and varnished, they make a beautiful counter or table-top.
      Write anytime with additional questions. Glad to be any help if you think about doing this sort of thing.

  13. Hi Paul! Your Shasta is beautiful! My husband and I found a 1969 Shasta 1500 and are looking forward to making her beautiful once again in the next few months. Thanks for your inspiring work!

    • Paul Mahan says:

      Thanks for the compliment.
      Would love to see your camper.
      We painted the outside of ours robin egg blue and cream.
      Made our own wings.

  14. Beautiful work, I too have gutted my 1960 traveleze camper, what kind of wood did you use as paneling?

    • Paul Mahan says:


      I first put 1/2″ plywood on the walls before the paneling (for more side wall stability and insulation), then I used standard 1/4″ luan flooring, which when varnished looks like fir or mahogany.
      But you can use any number of panels available. Birch would be beautiful.

  15. Hey Paul, Nice camper, I think I own it now

    • paul mahan says:

      Did you buy it damage?
      Sadly, it got flipped.
      Would love to see it repaired.
      Stay in touch.

      • Leslie Dean says:

        That’s unfortunate after so much hard work, Paul. If you don’t think it’s too nosy of a question, how did it happen?

  16. David Thurman says:

    Paul, just bought a Stratoflyte with water damage front half, would I be better off removing the skin from the outside or trying to gut the inside and rebuilding? I will probably gut whole thing before hi am done. Also, don people still use that Grey butyl tape for sealing or is there a better option? Thanks for your help, send me your email and I will send pics. – dt

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