1951 Cozy Cruiser Vintage Trailer For Sale

{This trailer is now SOLD} OK folks, here is a real cutie for sale. I personally love the Cozy Cruisers and almost had one last year but it didn’t pan out. The Cozy Cruiser is a predecessor of the Shasta. Before Shasta started building the common Shasta models many of you know of today (Compact, Airflyte, Astrodome, etc.,) the company started out building the Cozy Cruiser. Gail, the owner of this one has made the hard decision to find her’s a new home. Here is information from her about the trailer, photos and her contact information for anyone interested.

Info from the seller about the camper:

I’m one of the original Sisters on the fly; #103. Eleven years ago my 1951 “Cozy” (10 ft long x 6 ft wide, 1,686 lbs) was shipped to me via The Horseless Carriage Classic Car Transportation from its lifetime home in Southern California. The trailer has the original manufactures’ logo on the outside, baby moon hubs, Beach wood interior (no leak marks), floor (no known rot) and a new outside paint job and two propane tanks. The like new Coker Tires are tube replicas of the originals. I also added street legal tail lights on the rear, front and the hitch. The best convenience is a hydraulic lift…just a flip of the switch lifts and lowers it. I also added another outlet inside. It arrived with a new roof vent.
It has a lot of other original features: screen door, shelves, pump handle sink, cupboards/shelves, inside/outside lights, ice box (not a fridge), dual propane burner hot plate (working fine, some sisters install an oven) and heater (never used by me), towel racks, long closet w/hanging clothes pole and mirror and drawers under the double bed (new mattress and box spring). The reupholstered dinning area couches/pillows are in a new vintage print and it has the original drop down table that doubles as a twin bed. As I already mentioned, it has a mirrored closet that some sisters turn into a bathroom…totally do-able! It also has the ORIGINAL awning (it has a one inch area where the stitching has separated from the casing, a simple sew!) w/ stakes, poles, beautiful like new wood picnic table that attaches to the outside, jacks, outside light and plug-ins. I know I’m missing something…oh yes, it has a new 5,000 btu a/c hidden inside the storage area with just one classy vent hole under the inside closet. I promise you, it will cool you off to the point that you’ll reach for the covers! I do not know of anything that leaks, drips, etc.
It was a one family owned trailer purchased new by two married artists who traveled around The United States, Mexico and Canada selling their water colors to finance their trips, thus all the 1950’s mint condition water transfers over the top and sides of the inside front door, over 50 of them…a step back into mid-twentieth century, all too precious and terminally cute. When the couple died, their son and his family didn’t want the trailer so they sold it to a car dealer who immediately repainted it the original colors and sold it to me. I am actually the second owner! It has always been stored by the original family and me in covered (my garage) or a semi-open RV storage facility.
My Cozy is going to be featured in a Vintage Travel Trailer Calendar either in 2014 or 2015. The professional artist chose my Cozy out of over 3,000 members’ trailers as “the perfect vintage trailer” for the calendar.
I have the title and I also have it insured. I also have the original file folder that I started 11 years ago when I first purchased the trailer with the sellers name, phone and all important information and notes from over the past years. The folder also has the trailers’ official weight record from the local Flying J Truck Stop.
I do not have any painted murals on the outside like most sisters do, so you can do that yourself if you wish. I also stayed with vintage ’50’s decor inside instead of the sister’s usual cowgirl/fishing theme. However, its a “blank canvas” for you to decorate.

The ONLY reason I am selling my trailer is because after all these years my 1991 diesel car w/300,000 miles under her hood is starting to complain about towing. However I don’t know what the cars’ attitude is really about, as the trailer is very light and during years past both she and I have actually forgotten it was in tow. I guess even cars earn some special considerations/privileges as they age.

Please note that all personal and/or decor items are not included with the sale of the trailer.

Location: Tallahassee, Florida

Price: SOLD

Seller Contact: Gail Harper – harp32310@yahoo.com

Disclaimer: We do not own this vintage trailer. It is being listed here as a service to the seller. Any transactions are the responsibility of the buyer and seller. Little Vintage Trailer cannot be held liable for any errors in the listing or any transaction of a camper that is listed on this blog that is not solely owned by us. It is up to the buyer to do their due diligence before making a purchase.

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  1. I love your camper! Is it still for sale

  2. hi, Is this camper still available?

  3. I contacted the seller, it is no longer available. Hope the new owners enjoy!

  4. Can you please tell me if there was a Cozy Camper in1939? I am looking at one with a title stating 1939. The vin # on the tongue of the camper is 2166208. Any info is appreciated. Thanks, Jim

  5. Can you please answer the above questions for us? Thanks, jim

  6. Ross Bingham says:

    My wife and purchased this trailer several years ago (from this posting). It arrived from Florida to Austin Texas in amazing conditions (thank you Gail).

    Unfortunately, It was stolen from us about 4 months ago, and no progress has been made in finding it. I’m posting to the community to ask that if you ever see a trailer for sale that resembles the one depicted on this page, please forward the link to me: ross@fulgen.com.

    Thanks to all.


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