Before & After: Trashy the Trailer

OK, every now and then someone sends me some before/after pictures of their vintage trailer and I have to say Miki’s trailer named “Trashy” takes the prize so far for best make over that I’ve seen!

Facts about Trashy from her owner Miki:

1. She’s a 1958 Kencraft floozie from Hollywood, Ca.

2. She cost $150.00 with no title….she has one now.

3. She is rare, she has a fiberglass roof. She still had the original brass hand pump fire extinguisher unused (you can see it mounted by the door in some of the pics)

4. Everyone thinks I named her Trashy because of “trailer trash” Not so. it was because she was full of garbage and trash the guy was shoveling it out with a big coal shovel when we went to look at her. He filled two big cans full and then a bunch on the ground. When we got her home we took that much out again, not to mention a large squirrels nest under the stove. And like I said she’s a floozie!

She will be painted on the outside  in the spring.  I’m still working on her bed area making ruffled red curtains and planning on a small shelf across the back to sit things on.

Trashy Before
Trashy After 
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  1. LOVE it! How inspiring. The idea of using glider rockers in it is great, and the chandelier…. wow!

  2. Wow!! What a change! And I love that red chandelier!!

  3. The red is great! I just found and bought a 12.5 foot, from front to back inside, Zipper trailer. These were built in my hometown of Clinton, SC between 1964 and 1967 and has the original Zipper labels on the outside. How happy am I to have a piece of my hometown history in my yard from my younger days?! I am gonna do the red decor in mine as well and found a spot that shows the original paint was near a sky blue, hunters used it and it is a camo now. Gonna do the blue and white outside. Your pictures of “Trashy” have give me ideas for my “Katelyn”, (after my grandbaby that lives with Jesus in Heaven),

  4. All I can say is WOW!


  6. Love this! I really like the little heater/fireplace very charming! Did the stove clean up and look like that? It’s darling! Great job!! We have a roadrunner sitting in our driveway… We just replaced the subfloor and are working on reframing! Love to see a finished product!

  7. Franny Bobbitt says:

    This is just adorable. Love everything you have done to Trashy. If you ever want to sell her, Please let me know. I would love to give her a home in south Louisiana.

  8. I’m interested in the appliancees that you chose for Trashy. Can you tell me where to find ones like this? And…do you travel with this trailer or is it a staionary traler used to guests or a studio of some kine. I am in love with all your ideas.

  9. Wow, that’s very impressive! Love the colors, too!

  10. Sally Kassoff says:

    Trashy turned to classy! Love this little trailer transformation! The color combo’s are great and she is a shiny penny now. I hope to meet her out on the happy trails of camperland!

  11. Precious!

    Kudos to them for having the vision to turn her into a gem!

  12. Elaine Martin says:

    cute. love the princess stove

  13. Wow, what a make over! The interior is absolutely amazing! Great job!

  14. Wow is an understatement. I too would love to know where you got the fridge but also the screen door. I’ve seen the doors on other trailers and mine could use a new one.

  15. Kelle, Thanks so much for showcasing my “Trashy Girl” & thank you everyone for your kind comments. The fridge & microwave are made by Nostalgia Electrics from Walmart on line. My husband made her little screen door and added gingerbreading from Menards. The stove was filthy as you can imagine so we took it out and power washed it and used high temp white spray paint on the top other than the top it was still in great condition. Yes we take her camping, Trashy rolls down the road with the best of them, but she has become our favorite place to hang out when we are home. Thanks again everyone!

  16. Christopher says:

    I like the fridge and microwave. My wife and I were going to get those exact one but in turquoise or white but those colors are nowhere to be found anymore. Looks good!

  17. What an inspiration! I want a vintage trail so badly. Lol! Where do you ladies buy all the supplies to fix it up? I mean where do you buy a new small stove or even a new table. I hope my questions isn’t too silly. Please help ladies :D

  18. Oh my!! I thought the one I just bought for $200 was bad!! What a wonderful re-do though!

  19. Wow….nice job. That’s all I can say. Awesome!!

  20. Kathy Powell says:

    It just made me smile. What a great job!

  21. Love this site! Thanks for helping us to spread the word about mobile home living. There are so many manufactured and mobile homes on this planet. Giving them new life, inexpensively or even with a lot of money…using our creativity to make them well loved homes is such a great, green idea!

    Your site looks great!

  22. oh that is very cute! love the red and mint green together!!

  23. Ok..this is my dream! And you’ve done an AWESOME job fixin up ole Trashy!! I’m jealous. But..I have a question..I’ve always wondered how you keep things in their places? Like the canisters, gliders, things on shelves etc? I’m hoping my landlord will sell me his 1960s airstream and dream of giving her a makeover like this!

  24. So cute! Anyone know where to find fridge and microwave for sale? They are so cute!

  25. Beautiful! Good job. I just bought a trailer and want to fix it up and am looking for a way to redo my oven. The heat-resistant paints only come in colors that I don’t want. Does anyone know where I can find some cute vintage appliances? Or a way to customize the color of the high heat paint?

  26. This is FAB-U-LOUS! I could live in this little trailer, it’s just too cute! Lovin’ the “fireplace”. :)

  27. Did you build the screen door yourself…if so I would love to have the plans. Been looking for a screen door to fit my 64 shasta for years….no one wants to part with.


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