Custom Gypsy Wagons For Sale

I want to introduce you all to Joseph Crowell who makes these wonderful Gypsy Wagons. I’ll let Joseph tell you in his own words about what makes his wagons so special.

“I build my gypsy wagons using alot of recycled material. The construction of each one is done with sound workmanship and each is very solid. There is rigid foam insulation through out adding strength and amazing warmth. I also like to incorporate manzanita wood in my projects which grows here in the state of Oregon. Stain glass windows are a common feature as well as recycled old pane windows that give my wagons that old world feel, yet bring every thing into the present. They also feature a sink, stove, water tank, fridge, 12vt and 110 power. Solar applications are also available. These campers are amazingly light as I pay close attention to all materials for strength and weight considerations. The most rewarding result is bringing one of my wagons downtown for display and witnessing the joy and delight many get by the playful charm and artistic craftmanship. My goal with each project is to create a charming, unique work of art that you can either tow to the magic ball or just live in your own gypsy house trailer. My web site is in the works and will be up soon. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you are interested in aquiring one of these beautiful gypsy wagons.”

For more information contact: Joseph Crowell 541-840-2009 or via e-mail at:

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redrig left side

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  1. Judy Chandler says:

    I love this gypsy. Please include me on your website!! This is just my style!!

  2. Hart Robinson says:

    I would LOVE to talk w Joseph Crowell
    about custom building a gypsey wagon for me
    Ms. Hart Robinson
    214 542 0567 phone

  3. Hi, I am a real English Gypsy born in a wagon. This doesn’t look like the original but it is AWESOME & would love to own 1. Send me a quote. Thanks

  4. I’d be quite interested in more information. Thanks!

  5. I would love more information regarding styles and costs. Would also love to know your story and how you got into this specific work!

  6. Super interested in your wagon. can i get a quote? and also where are you located at?

  7. Great! Please tell me more: price, size, heat source, location, etc.

  8. natasha says:

    Hello we are travelling in a camper towards Oregon.
    This looks dreamy. How much is it?
    thank you loads

  9. Pam McBroome says:

    Do you sell the plans for these cute wagons/ trailer?

  10. barcelona bieber says:

    im interested in purchasing a few gypsy wagons for my ranch i sw florida..plz call me i would like more info…thanks barcelona bieber 718-724-3823

  11. SS McCormick says:

    Would love some more info and prices.

  12. Pamla Thompson says:

    I would love information about the wagon that is featured in this site.

  13. I want to buy this gypsy wagon! I want to live as a gypsy!

  14. Dennie mason says:

    My family comes from a long strong gypsy blood line I would love to buy on of these trailers for my family to bring my son back to his heritage

  15. can you pls send me a quote

  16. john Zolck says:

    Very cool. Please send quote

  17. How much? For the Vardo?

  18. What is the price range for your beautifully crafted gypsy wagon?

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