Vintage Trailer For sale ads:
If you have a vintage trailer for sale that is 1979 or older, is in good condition and camp ready you can have it posted on Little Vintage Trailer for a one-time fee of $15. All ads are listed for 6 months or until sold, whichever comes first. We will accept ads for trailers that need full restoration if they are priced under $2,000. The ad cost covers a blog post that will include information on the trailer, location, photos, price and your contact information. In addition, we will post your ad to our Facebook fan page and Twitter.  Some trailers that we have featured have sold literally within hours of being posted on Little Vintage Trailer (see this post). While I can’t guarantee that will happen with ever trailer, I can say that a large portion of my readers are actively looking for a vintage trailer of their own, so your ad will have a captive audience. We reserve the right to refuse advertising for trailers that we feel would not fit into what our audience is looking for (ie; poor condition, pictures showing them unclean, etc.,)

To purchase a vintage trailer ad, click the Paypal button below. Once you make the purchase, send your ad information along with 4- 6 photos to:


All ads are posted on a first come, first served basis. Your trailer ad will be posted the first open opportunity. Generally this is within 24-48 hours unless otherwise noted above.

Do you have a business that caters to the vintage trailer industry? If so, would be a good fit for your advertising needs. The cost to advertise is very affordable. Or do you have a vintage trailer for sale that you would like promoted? We can do that for you as well. See below to learn more about vintage trailer ads.

Who to contact about advertising sponsorship:
E-mail me at: and put “Advertising” in the subject line.

Readers of fall into one of several categories;
*They own a vintage trailer.
*They are looking to buy a vintage trailer.
*They are seeking services for their vintage trailer.
*They are looking to purchase items for their vintage trailer.
*They are looking for places to camp with their vintage trailer.
*They are seeking how-to information in the form of tutorials.
*They may be interested in things such as Glamping, Vintage Trailer Rally’s, etc.,)

What kind of business can advertise?
There are a number of type of businesses that I feel would be a good fit here. Some examples are as follows:

*Vintage trailer restoration services
*Vintage trailer parts and accessories
*Upholstery services (cushions, bedding, awnings, etc.,)
*Accessories and decorating items (antique, vintage, retro or reproduction)
*Vintage camping gear
*Vintage trailers for sale
*Appliances (repair or for sale)
*Blogs dedicated to vintage trailers

This is just a sampling. If you have a business that is related to vintage trailers, camping, supplies, decor items, etc., feel free to apply to be a advertising sponsor.
PLEASE NOTE: At this time we do not offer advertising for any type of trailer raffles.

Paid sponsor button ads: Sponsor ads are available in 125 x 125 button size and will be placed in the upper right area of the blog under the Sponsor heading.  All sponsorships are paid via Paypal subscription which will automatically bill you monthly for your ad. You can cancel your subscription at any time. No refunds are given for subscription payments.

Free Product Reviews: I can also do a review blog post. This would include telling readers about your business and products you offer and how they can find you. Reviews do not cost anything, however they do require a physical product be sent to me (not to be returned) so I can review it. I will always offer my readers an honest review of products. Contact me if interested in having me do a review for your business and products.

Give-A-Ways: Businesses that offer camping or vintage trailer related products that have us do a business review can also opt to sponsor a give-a-way. Give-a-ways can generate a lot of exposure for your business in addition to the business review. We do give-a-ways separately from the business review in order to give your business maximum exposure. Give-A-ways require a second product be sent to me. I take care of setting up the give-a-way and shipping out the item to the winner (s).

Method of payment Accepted:
Paypal is the preferred method of payment. However, for longer term sponsorships of 6 months or more I will gladly accept personal checks as payment. Your ad will begin once payment is received.

Who to contact about advertising, reviews and/or other sponsorship:
E-mail me at: and put “Advertising” in the subject line.

Photo Rights and Usage
All photos are the property of the original photographer. If you opt to have your photos featured on our blog in any capacity, unless you explicitly express otherwise, you give us persmission to have your photos featured in other media outlets or publications either online or in print for the purpose of promoting Little Vintage Trailer website.