61 Shasta Compact Exterior Door Rebuild

The restoration guys are rebuilding the door on the 61 Shasta Compact. It was in bad shape and needed new skin so they are re-creating a new frame. It will also have a new lock/key like the original. Should be very nice when finished.

The wee Shasta goes in for a new paint job next week. We decided to stick with the original yellow. I can’t wait to see it when it’s completed.

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  1. David Phillips says:

    I’m rebuilding a ’56 Bellwood and I was thinking of changing the electrical inside to 12v instead of 110v, Is that recommended or not? I think it would be easier, because I could run a solar panel to keep the batteries charged or use a converter to run a line from a 110v source. Also is there any wiring diagrams that could help me?

    • David, I know a lot of folks do add a 12v system. Although I’m not sure if any of them completely convert to 12v only but I don’t see why you couldn’t if you aren’t running anything that would require 110. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any diagrams though. I’m happy though to see another Bellwood owner! We are a rare breed as there aren’t that many Bellwoods out there.

  2. We are rebuilding a 1983 shasta friendship 16 and it needs a exterior door rebuild. Not excited to tackle it. Can you give me some tips? It is missing the bottom metal trim. Any idea where to get a piece to replace it.

    • Hi Amanda. Did you ever get your info about replacing the bottom metal trim of your trailer. I’m having the same problem finding the metal piece. I would love to hear how you worked it out.

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