How to make a fabric pennant banner

Fabric pennant banners are quite popular these days. Folks use them from everything from birthday parties to decorating their vintage trailers. They are very easy to make and I thought I’d walk you through the steps. Please note that I don’t use stick pins for this tutorial. If you opt to make just a paper triangle template you’d want to use stick pins to hold it in place on your fabric before cutting. I personally just find it easier to trace it using card stock.

First, we’ll need to gather some supplies:

* Fabric in the color choices you want
* Scissors
* Pinking Shears (optional)
* Card stock triangle cut out
* Pencil or fabric pen
* 2 packages of quilt binding (6 yards)
* Sewing Machine

Step One:

Cut out a triangle in the size you want your pennants to be. I used a piece of card stock however, a cereal box will work well too. I traced mine with a pencil but you can also use a fabric pen. The pencil is so light it really doesn’t show on your pennant.

Step Two:

Trace your triangle on doubled fabric and cut out either with scissors or pinking shears (if you want a more decorative edge).

Step Three:

Sew each pennant all the way around. When you are finished you will end up with a double sided pennant.

Step Four:

Now you’ll want to decide which order you want your pennants to go in. Do this by laying them out on a table.

Step Five:

Insert the first pennant into the fold of the quilt binding. Be sure and leave a couple feet on the end so you’ll have a way to tie it. Sew the the quilt binding and the pennant together. Repeat this process with each pennant. You can decide how much space you want between each pennant. I opted to sew mine right next to each other. When you get to the end of one section of quilt binding, just tuck it over the previous section and continue on with adding your pennants flags.

That’s it!! Easy huh? Here are a couple pictures of mine. I haven’t measured it but I think it’s about 9 feet as the rest is hanging behind the door (went a little crazy on the length (:). Have fun and happy pennant banner making!

P.S. Sorry my fence is in the way.

P.S.S. Another tip is to starch the snot out of your pennants and iron them so they aren’t wrinkly like mine are (:

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  1. I will have to try this sew easy way!! I am thinking of halloween fabric, christmas, easter…love your ideas Kelle!

    • great idea for the holidays, I was only thinking of adding a little color in the camper, but now I’m gonna be making many more! Thanks for the idea.

  2. Awesome Annie! I'd love to see pictures when you make some.

  3. I've always used seam binding…..I never thought of quilt binding……

  4. I'm not very well versed on the various type of bindings but chose the quilt binding because it was the width I wanted when folded, so worked out well. I've heard of people using other types though and even ric rac.

  5. SO cute…thanks for sharing! I think I'm going to sew one.

  6. Karen Adams says:

    Great bunting and I’m loving your caravan btw! I also have a very small caravan, mine is 12 ft long….and I’ll have to think about making a pennant banner for it….way too cute!!!

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