Sink cover solution for vintage trailer

So I was out in my studio moving stuff off of a table as I need the table for this weekend’s show and came across this vintage restaurant tray and a light bulb went off. This would be perfect to cover the sink in the Shasta Compact…if it fit. So I wiped it down and put it over the sink and voila! A perfect fit and great solution to add extra counter space. 

 I’ve also heard of people using cutting boards or making them myself. I thought about making one by the inner lip of my sink isn’t even with the counter for some odd reason and I don’t think one that drops down into the sink (so it’s flush with the counter) would work.

So I’m so tickled with this kitchen that I have to share one more picture with you all. Is it over-the-top? Probably. Do I care? Shoot no! I love it the whimsical, let’s go to the Carnival feel to it. Fun stuff! It’s definitely my little happy place (: Oh, do you notice the lonely little aqua cup hanging above the sink? I bought a set of 6 on Etsy and the seller e-mailed me to say she sent my package but that she forgot to pack one of the cups, but that it should arrive a day after the other five. Well, I actually got the single cup day before yesterday and waiting for the other five. I sure hope they make it here ok.


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  1. LOVE it, Kelle! It reminds me a little of my friend's camper( Anita #440) "Sweet Tea"…love the colors of both of them…

  2. I think your little stove needs to be painted red!

  3. Your kitchen (darling BTW) reminds me of Dr. Suess!

  4. Great idea for the sink! Your kitchen looks great….very bright and cheery.

  5. Ok…we met at the Flea Market this weekend…I was drawn to your trailer like a moth to a flame…like a magnet…you get the picture. Now as I peruse your blog I am coveting in a big bad way. Gotta get my hands on one of those beauties! Really enjoy your blog…I think we may have been separated at birth! LOL

  6. That little try works out perfectly there. Love the red and aqua together. Hope those cups arrive. Best wishes, Tammy

  7. Definitely not over the top…the tray idea is great…make drinks and snacks then they are good to go outside..

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