Aqua or Red Vintage Trailer Stove

Help me decide which color! I’m sending off my stove door and top off to Mattera Stove Works here soon and trying to decide which color. I’m of course a big fan of aqua. Although the red is nice too.

I lean towards the aqua only because if I ever change the exterior color of my Shasta Compact it would be from yellow to aqua. What do you all think? Currently my stove/oven is an ugly brown.Β 

So should I go with red? (excuse these quick photo shopped pics).

Or should I go with the aqua? I can always tone down some of the other aqua accents such as the cupboard doors and paint them something else. I don’t know….hmm. I love how the red “pops” but aqua is truly my favorite and if I ever re-paint the exterior color aqua, then the stove/oven would match. Help me decide please (:

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  1. Well, I think because you love aqua so much, you should go with that. You can't go wrong with either, really. How fun!

  2. I'm a big fan of the red!
    The Tuckerbag

  3. I love red and aqua together, but I think it is more effective when the red is an accent. I'd say go for the aqua and use red for accessories.

  4. Red all the way! It brings in balance with the red curtains.

  5. Red! So poppy and fresh.

  6. Every room should have a pop of red. That's my vote!!! πŸ™‚

  7. My eye moves better around the kitchen with the aqua, I would go for it. How about trimming the wood stove topper with red and decoupage the topper with aqua, some sort of gentle muted pattern/collage. Stay muted so it won't appear messy or to busy.
    Dragonfly at

  8. I love aqua But I think the red really looks cool and makes it so cheery in there.
    So. My vote is red!
    Let us know what you decide!
    Have a pretty day!

  9. I love red, so that means that I will have to vote for the red stove. Also, it seems to break up all the aqua and it looks oh so cute with a red stove and such. Have fun with it. The choice does come down to what you really like anyway.

  10. I like the red, just for pop and because it is a nice balance to the red accents above the counter on the opposite side.

    Just stumbled across your blog for the first time today. πŸ™‚

  11. Aqua. It matches the sink and makes the red pop out more with the accessories. The red stove looks out of place and not original when paired with the other major permanent appliance, the sink.

  12. I like the aqua. I just found your blog and love your little trailer!

  13. I vote red! What a cute trailer!

  14. Go RED! Love your kitchen altogether!

  15. I think they both look great, but I like the aqua a bit better. I think it makes the red accents pop more. It would look great with a cool vintage kitchen towel with red accents hanging from the handle.

  16. Ida Claire says:

    I have aqua countertops and thought I wanted the aqua stove, but that red pops. Yours looks great both ways, but for me, I now want red. πŸ™‚

  17. I love aqua and red!!
    We are restoreing a vingtage trailer now….my stove doesn’t work, It is brown, going to have it sprayed aqua. Going to place a tray over the top with a tray, noticed the tray you have, can you tell me about it?
    My ‘pearl’ will decorated in red, aqua and yellow….

    love everything about your sweet camper, look at it a lot!


  18. Sally Kassoff says:


  19. Can I ask what you are paying for the stovetop to be redone.. I am thinking of sending out my 4 burner stovetop and hood for new red porcelian…

    • Peter, to ship the top and the door pieces and have them re-porcelained and shipped back it cost a total of appx $350. It’s not cheap but I think if you were able to find a place local, the cost would be less.

  20. Justine says:

    I see you have painted the top of your stove. Was it stainless steel before you painted it? May I ask what you painted it with as we have a stainless steel top and I would love to paint it!! Also, did you paint your sink? And if so, what paint did you use? Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • Justin, I didn’t paint them. I shipped the top and the door pieces to a company and they re-porcelained them. Painting them can be dangerous due to fumes if you ever plan on using the stove or oven.

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