How to wash clothes while camping

Have you ever found yourself camping in a place where there were no nearby washing facilities? If so, I found this nifty little washer that I think would be perfect for camping. It’s called a Wonder Wash. It’s pretty darn cute too! 

Here is a video review if you want to see this little machine in action. While I imagine most campgrounds do have laundry facilities, if you are ever camping somewhere where there may not be, this little machine, a clothe line (aka piece of rope tied between 2 trees) would come in quite handy.

Happy Washing!

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  1. Oh I LOVE it.. We Motor Home often and this would be great while in between Campsites… Especially with having little ones… 🙂

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  3. I"ve been researching those little washers with the hopes of "part-timing" one day. I like the Panda one too (as long as there are hook-ups). It holds more and doesn't need to be hand-spun… 🙂

  4. My in-laws and kids used to take off for the summer (they are professors so their summers were off!)in their VW van. They would camp and explore. To launder their things, they used a sturdy plastic bucket with a tight fitting lid. They filled it with soap and water and dirty things, used a couple bungee cords to secure it to the outside of their van and took off driving. The bumpy back roads were great for agitating the clothes. Later they would put in fresh water and take off to do the rinse cycle. It was pretty effective actually. My spouse and I served in Peace Corps (2 1/2 years in Ukraine 2005-2007). We did all our laundry in a simple bucket – wringling is the tough part!
    In Sunny SC

  5. In two years we are doing a three week trip on Route 66. That might come in handy … at least for under thingies!!

  6. Virgina, what a neat story about how they washed their clothes! That has got to be one of the most unique ways I've heard of. Thank you for sharing that!

  7. Visiting from Cozy Little House, love your vintage trailer. Someday I am going to get me one too! Following you my friend. Diane

  8. Brenda sent me over to welcome you and am I glad she did! I have been bugging my hubby for a little Shasta for some time now. Your "Buttercup" is so adorable! I am your newest follower. I hope that you will stop by and visit me sometime.

    Susan and Bentley

  9. Brenda sent me over as well…I'll be stopping by with all of my laundry. 😉

    Your blog is sooo pretty. I am going to snoop around some more. Kristine

  10. I remember see commercials for a similar product in Australia many years ago – they were targeting people who lived in apartments, and didn't want to have to keep running to the laundromat.

    It would definitely be helpful if you're camping!

  11. Thank you ladies for visiting! Glad you enjoy my blog. It's a constant work in progress, just like our little trailer (:

  12. I owned one of the older metal versions of this gadget. Handy but still not simple enough for me. It forces water through the clothing which is accomplished just as easily with a bucket and a plunger. You cut out 3 diamond triangle shaped holes spaced evenly around a plain old red plunger and get the same effect. Easier storage…easier drying out and a bucket that can be used for other tasks, which is nice in small space.

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