How to make easy vintage trailer dinette cushions

So this is the fabric I picked out for the 1956 Southland Runabout. It’s quite a contrast to the whimsical interior of our 61 Shasta Compact, but I really feel this vintage trailer commands a more toned down feel especially because of the darker wood interior. So this is what I decided on. I hope you like it!

Here is the finished cushions.

Ok, now on to how I made them. Please excuse my messy garage! When I work out there I tend to have everything spread all over the place (:

Before you start you’ll need to measure the length and width that each cushion will need to be when finished. Don’t assume that each space where the cushions fit in your dinette will be exactly the same, mine were not and slightly different measurements were required.


1. 1/4 inch sheet of plywood. Enough to serve as backings for each cushion.

2. 5 inch foam. I found mine at JoAnn fabrics and I bought two full pieces.

3. Fabric of your choice. For my dinette cushions I had appx 1 1/2 yards for each cushion. 1 yard is probably enough for the seat back cushion.

4. A bag of polyester batting.

5. Staple gun & staples

6. Circular saw

7. Scissors

8. Electric knife (like the kind for cutting a turkey)


The first thing you want to do once you have all your measurements is cut your plywood. I recommend cutting it 1 -2 inch shorter on the length and width of your original measurements. Cut your foam at the exact measurements using your electric knife.


Lay your foam on top of your piece of wood. Cut and wrap a layer of batting over the top of the foam. It doesn’t need to go all the way around, just over the top and sides. The batting just helps to soften the square edges and gives it a bit more cushion.


Lay your fabric over the top of the batting. Make sure it’s even and there is enough hanging over length wise to wrap around onto the wood. Next, flip the entire thing over so that the wood side is facing up. Fold over about 1 inch of your fabric and start stapling it to the wood. Space the staples about 3 inches apart.


Once you have the one side stapled, turn it around and start on the other side. Now, on this side it’s important to pull the fabric as tight as you can before you staple it.


Now we want to work on the shorter sides. To do this think of how you wrap a Christmas gift. Fold the fabric in such a way like wrapping a gift and fold over 1 inch and staple it on top. Repeat this for the other side but remember on this side pull it as tight as you can before stapling it. If you want your edges to be as clean as possible you fold them in such a way where the fabric is square against the corners.

VOILA! You are done! See how easy that is? In the future if you need to replace your fabric or just want to in order to go with a different color scheme, all you need to do is simply staple new fabric right over the current fabric! Super easy-peazy!

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  1. That looks so great. I wish I would have done that when I made my cushions. I went to the trouble (and expense) of sewing fully covered vinyl cushions. I pushed my sewing skills to the limit and will never do that again. I like the way they look, but sewing them was terrible. Yours is super cute and I love that it will be easier to change out your decor. Also, I love your new trailer! Can’t wait to see all you do with it!

    • A friend of mine suggested this method and I have to say thank goodness she did! I can sew but certainly wasn’t feeling confident enough to do cushions, so this method was perfect and so much less time consuming. I agree that the ease of changing decor is a huge plus too.

    • I am having cushions made. How do you like the vinyl? That was my choice. Thanks!

  2. Thanks so much for the fabulous ideas, we”ll be usein” your knowledge and advice 4 sure ^_^

  3. beautiful, you make it look so easy

  4. Thank you all. Glad you like them. Feel free to share the link with anyone who might benefit from making them with this method. I think you really can achieve even nicer results than I did if you square off the corners better and it goes so much quicker than trying to sew them.

  5. Thanks for sharing your step by step instructions!!

    I told my girlfriend that I was going to cover my cushions like a christmas package and she said she didn’t think it would work – can’t wait to show her what you did!!! Exactly what I was thinking of doing!!

    Thanks for the hint about cutting the wood slightly smaller – may not have thought of that and would have been bummed when I went to sit down and felt the plywood!


    Still haven’t seen where you mention how much you paid for the trailer. Care to share – always nice to know what the prices are like out there for comparison.


  6. Carolyn in Salt Lake City says:

    Kelle, you are amazing! There’s no grass growing under your feet. I’m still deciding what is the first thing to do on my little trailer, and you’ve already got your color scheme and cushions made. Guess I’d better make a decision and get moving. I’m thinking work on the top and drip rail so she is secure and watertight. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Blessings, Carolyn

  7. I am currently making new covers for my cushions as well. i am using the demo from designsponge. your way looks way easier, but i think that i am going to still make them the other way. i am a sewaholic and feel like i need to have piping and zippers and probably a major head-ache;) yours looks great and i look forward to seeing your trailer develop.

  8. Casey from Colorado says:

    You are a life saver!!! I just priced out recovering my camper cushions, and was quoted just under $500 for 6 cushions! So I am on the hunt for some foam and an electric knife!!
    LOVE your web page…LOVE!

    • Casey, that is awesome! I’m all for saving money and covering mine was a fraction of that cost. The biggest cost was actually the foam even at 50% off at JoAnn Fabrics. But it’s still a lot cheaper than having it professionally done. I’m sure your cushions will turn out great! Oh and glad you are enjoying the site (:

  9. They came out GREAT, Kelle. I love how the tones in the fabric compliment the wood. I can’t wait to see the results.

  10. Thanks for this
    I just redid my vintage trailer seats last night, but I found some awesome sheets that I used and one queen size flat sheet did all 4 cusions.

  11. Stephanie Poree says:

    do you happen to have the step by steps for the compact cushions regarding size, etc?

  12. This has saved my life! Thank you so much, this is a brilliant idea! I’m curious what kind of fabric you used, ws it like normal fabric or was it upholstery fabric? thank you so much!

  13. Hi there, sadly, the photos seem broken, which is a shame, as I need to make cushions soon! Any chance the pics can be restored?

    PS I am looking to acquire a 50’s Bellwood soon.

    • Lorena, I can see them in both IE, Firefox and Google Chrome. Maybe try a different browser?

      • Pics are fine now…don’t know why they were showing broken that day. BTW, I did get that Bellwood after all, I think you know that! OMG, what a resto job this is going to be.

  14. THANK YOU so much for posting this! I’m going to try it! I bought a 1987 27′ trailer last fall ` everything is brown dark brown! Eeek! And the lovely cushions, gross! Anyhoo, I have my fabric picked out for my dinet cushions. My problem I have now, what can I do with my couch in there? These cushions don’t come off for me to redo? Anyone have any recommendations on what I can do ‘update’ them without it looking like a messy sheet laid over top of it? I welcome any and all suggestions! HELP! πŸ™‚

    • marvina bigby says:

      I saw a chair that was redone with paint hard to believe but they showed the before and after and it was gorgeous they painted over the old fabric which was in great shape just dated color.they said they used anne sloan chalk paint then let it dry and used some kind of wax on top and it feels like leather the soft kind I saw it on a sight called funky junk .I am going to do an old chair first then my camper sofa I need to learn more about the wax they use.

  15. Thank you so much for this posting. We just purchased a new/used trailer and It definitely needs new cushions. Was going to have them professionally done, but after seeing this post, I will be using my own material and doing it myself (DIY to the rescue!). Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  16. Love it !!!!!!!!! We are going to start the cushions on our 64 oasis, I will take pictures before and after to share.. Thank you.

  17. I have small children and they have ruined the factory cushions. I’m trying to figure out the best, inexpensive fabric choice to try this technique. Any suggestions?

    • I would suggest seeing if you find something you like at JoAnne’s Fabric where you can use the 40% off coupon. Another suggestion is watch estate sales as I’ve seen rolls of upholstery fabric for sale at those in the past.

    • Valerie, I was considering using painter’s canvas in some cases. The kind you put down for a drop cloth. Not cozy, but definitely durable…

  18. Wow, you did a great job on those and it is so much better to do it yourself than having to pay someone else an arm and a leg to do it for you. Love your site.

  19. Valerie, I am redoing my cushions and am using painter’s cloth. Harbor Freight has it cheap. I have dogs and don’t want expensive fabric and painter’s cloth washes nicely. I bought 4′ x 12′ panels for all of my windows for winter. They already have the edges seamed so all I had to do was wash, dry and hang with those rings clips. I love the oatmeal color and it helps to keep the cold out. I am actually sewing and putting zippers in mine so I can wash them. I love a challenge and have done this many years ago on another trailer. Hope this helps.

    4 x 12 ft panels were $7.49 and I bought several bigger ones 12 x 15 or so for $15.49 ea.

  20. Hi there. This post looks great and simple but the only question I have is are the backs and seat part of the cushions attached or are they actually 2 seperate pieces per bench? Thanks in advance. πŸ™‚

  21. Thank goodness for Pinterest and your post! I literally just measured my horse trailer/camper cushions yesterday and was agonizing over making new covers and having to special order zippers that long if I couldn’t manage to get the old ones out to re-use. This will work perfectly for the bench-couch and then I can next tackle the ones in the motocross trailer! Thank you!

  22. Hi Kelle, I am curious to know now that it’s been a few years, how did this hold up to use? And is there anything you would do different? This looks like the answer I’ve been waiting for to re-upholster our dinette cushions! They are currently cream, brown and orange (trailer is from ’87). While not horrid, a change to personalize them would be nice. Thanks!!

    • They hold up fine as long as you are using a good quality upholstery fabric. The nice thing is you can take it off and wash it easily also.

  23. Kim Sperr says:

    Hi! I’m so glad I found this. We just bought a 1957 Yellowstone canned ham. The dinette was completely torn out and so we are rebuilding it from scratch. Could you tell me the dimentions of your cushions? Yours looks about the same size as our trailer, I think we have 90″ side to side to work with. Thanks so much! Kim

  24. Drop clothes are cheap. That’s what I am using. .. 10 dollars each and just need 2…

  25. And I washed my drop clothes and used fabric softer. Then Dried and Ironed… now it’s on to putting it all together.

  26. I am loving this! Do you think this would work to do the mattresses? Or do you have a suggestion for the EASIEST way to recover the mattresses in these trailers? I’m not much of a sewer…

  27. I don’t know anything about fabric or sewing. What I am wondering is how do I know what kind a fabric to get. Is it a special kind that I need to look at for RV cushions?

  28. Mrs. HoneyBee says:

    A bit late to the party – but at least I arrived! lol
    I used Painter’s canvas for most EVERYTHING (curtains, awning, carriers, outhouse, bags, etc) in HoneyBaked! It holds up really well! I washed it first on super hot and dried in a super hot dryer. It’s so yummy soft I even made a skirt out of the remnants! A bit of a hint I learned – although there are not dye lots (like fabric or yarn) each store has a different shade! So if you start with Lowe’s – stick with it! Harbor Freight’s canvas didn’t hold up as well as Home Depot. With that said, i’m off to get more to FINALLY recover my dinette cushions!

  29. thanks to good ole pinterest, I found your postwhen searching no sew cushions. We just bought a 1999 solaris and it came with no cushions for the dinette. Today my hubby and I found awesome durable, thick fabric at Walmart for only $2.50 a yard (with a cute pattern to boot).. At home depot we found three inch foam on clearance for “$15 a piece. We came home and made our cushions thanks to your blog…they are amazing, and were so easy!!! and..the grand total spent for all four dinette cushions was only $40!!! Thanks so much for tue great tutorials you put up!!! Happy Camping! πŸ™‚

  30. Thank you for the amazing information, I don’t sew, I can sew curtains that’s about it and I called an Upholsterer he wanted $700 for two seat cushions and two back cushions haha yeah I told him thanks but no thanks !

    You just saved me $600 !!

  31. I used the technique to make cushions for our van camper. Our futon is now more comfortable and looks better as well. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  32. Trying this on u dinette.. How would you do corner cushions?

    • Mrs. HoneyBee says:

      Corner? Like for a U shape? I would do them the same way… start with the middle section – pull, staple, pull, staple – then move on one side then the other.

  33. Help! How do I keep my cushions for the table benches to stop sliding. They are always sliding out from under who ever is sitting on them, especially when my grandchildren are sitting on them.
    The fabric is in great condition. The cushions are in great condition.
    But the cushions keep sliding!

    • Mrs. HoneyBee says:

      Try a rug pad or liner – Most discount retailers (Target, Walmart) sell them. Ikea sells them super cheap. Just cut to size. Another alternative is to apply a bit of caulk on the corners and let it dry. This will provide the grip similar to the bottom of slippers. Good luck!!

  34. Could I use this method and just staple over my old cushions, they’re in great shape, just ugly and dark. Or should I take off the covers and do this?

    • Sonia WArd says:

      ya i was wondering the same thing- perhaps we would need to still add the plywood- I imagine that would be true also for the bed mattresses.Has anyone done that?

      • This is what I was thinking also. I think just cutting a piece of plywood for under the cushions would work perfectly to provide a base to staple to. But I haven’t done it yet.

        • I used plywood for our cushions but not for the bed. I used a 10in memory foam mattress that I cut down (queen size) to fit our 46.5 width dimensions and used the remainder to make both seat cushions for our dinette. It was the PERFECT size! I used painters drop cloth for the fabric on the cushions. We kept the back cushions. This works for when we are seated but NOT for turning the dinette into a bed as the back cushions are thinner. We store the matching seat cushions to use for the dinette bed at night. Our back bed with the memory foam is a permanent bed – not a goucho (couch) any longer.

  35. This looks like a really good idea, and I’ve been watching this site since last year, but no one has asked this question. What size of staples do you use? Don’t they poke you in the back/butt when sitting on them?

    • The staples I used were 3/4 inch. They don’t poke you because the wood backing and the cushion is there. So no worries with poking πŸ™‚

  36. I used beautiful heavy drapes found at Goodwill for the fabric for my cushions, curtains and privacy curtain separating the kitchen/bedroom. $16.00 for all!

  37. beckiboop says:

    Did you cut the foam to th exact measurements of the plywood or should it be a little bigger than the plywood? Starting this project today terrified of messing it up. πŸ™‚ thank you!

  38. How much did the foam cost you? and around what price was it to make this?
    Thank you

    • I had this foam left over from another project, but you can buy it at JoAnn fabrics and use the 50% off coupon.

  39. I love it!! I just made some similar but made my fabric like a giant cushion cover with elastic on the bottom so I can take them off! I have made them this way before but with dogs and little ones in my camper it is impossible to keep them clean!!

  40. Where did you buy your fabrics?

  41. I am so glad I found your site! I need to make cushions and I thought I’d have to have them made. I love your directions and I’m headed back to Joanne’s and get that fabric I saw today! Many thanks for your tutorial.

  42. I am almost finished with my tiny trailer couch cushions, thanks to your tutorial! I used 3/8″ CDX plywood and 4″ foam from Joanne’s, as they were out of 5″, plus the 50% coupon. (The CDX 3/8″ plywood was half the price of ACX 1/2″, so I went the cheaper way.) I then found a couple queen size mattress toppers that had egg crate foam on one side and memory foam on the other side. I cut two layers of this, added the batting, wrapped the whole thing with cotton fabric that I had FOREVER and then the final fabric. I am so pleased how they turned out. Next up, the dinette cushions!

    • Debrah Shearer says:

      I am getting ready to recover the cushions in our 1975 Road Ranger. This pin has been so helpful to me! Thanks Kelli! I have been reluctant to start it for fear that it wouldnt work for me. I like Kim B.’s addition of adding a topper. We love our trailer but the couch bed is so uncomfortable we might as well slept outside on a rock! I have outdoor fabric I purchased from Joannes with a 50% off coupon, the original 4″ foam and batting. I am now thinking maybe I should spring for 5″ foam had thought about buying memory foam topper but wondered if it would work. Seeing that Kim and Kelli were successful gives me encouragement to push forward. Any other suggestions anyone has for making my couch bed more comfortable? Thanks to all!

  43. So, do you think this method would work on outdoor cushions? I wonder if there’s a certain fabric to use? Just lovely!

    • Yes, I definitely think it would work on outdoor cushions. I would say just be sure and use a material that is meant to be used outdoors.

  44. Looks Great! About how much did it cost to make those cushions.

  45. Can you see the staples? Do they poke or stick out?

  46. I asked this same question awhile back, as per the advice above, I used 1/4 inch piece of wood and 3/4 inch staples, it worked perfectly, they don’t poke at all. Yes you can see the staples when you look at the back of the cushion but once they are in place, resting against the back of the dinette support, no you can’t see them.

  47. THANK YOU for a solution that doesn’t involve sewing! Do the staples hold well or are they prone to popping out? Just bought a 2010 jayco pop up that I’m looking forward to sprucing up!

  48. Mrs. HoneyBee says:

    Mine have held up for 2 years so far and that’s with daily use! With VERY wiggly kids! (I’m an educational therapist and this is my office/classroom/part-time home. I’m super glad I did drop cloth. Next year I will recover them again with dropcloth – but this time I WILL SCOTCHGUARD THEM.

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