Curtain fabric for a vintage trailer?

I need some opinions and who better to ask than you all! I have about 7 yards of this retro style kitchen fabric. I personally think it’s adorable. However, I need to know what you all think as far as using this fabric for curtains in a vintage camper? I’m on the fence because it has of course “kitchen appliances” featured in it and not sure if it would look a bit off as window coverings for ALL of the windows in a trailer, not just the kitchen one. The other dilemma is it does limit the coordinating color options to pink, aqua, off white and light tan.

Let me know what you think….yes or no? If no, what would you use this fabric for instead? Not necessarily for a vintage camper but just in general what would you use it for?

I’m also thinking of going with something like these hanky curtains shown on the cover of Vintage Style Magazine. Something light and airy and not so busy:


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  1. too cutsey….I think something ‘retro’ without a theme would be easier to live with long term…BUT it’s only an opinion. Use this one for an apron or mixer cover or potholders or throw pillows. Geometrics in your favorite colors for the trailer!

    • That is what I’m leaning towards also. I’ve added a photo of my other idea…doing curtains that are more light and airy looking like the hanky curtains shown on the cover of Vintage Style magazine. I think I really want to keep it toned down a bit, with just a splash of color.

      • kaliedescope designs says:

        gray and white is great workable scheme to use for a more updated look with vintage accessories. especially with chrome

  2. Sandy J says:

    DEFINATELY do the hankie curatins, Your fabric is cute but “hankie” curtains WAAAAY better. Where can I find the vintage style magazine, does barnes and Nobel carry it?

    • Not sure if the book stores carry it. I know you can find it on Thank you for the feedback! The more I look at the retro kitchen fabric I think you all are right on the money. It’s just too cutesy and a bit busy for doing all the windows. I’m definitely going to go with something softer and toned down.

    • Vintage Style. Yes B&N carries it but I always find it at my my grocery store before B&N. Along with Flea Market and other great titles. 🙂 I have ‘issues” as you might guess with my magazine hoarding. 🙂
      BTW the hankie curtain featured is actually a duvet cover by Swell. Designed by Cynthia Crowley. (Some of these articles are re-cycled LOL) It was sold at Target a few years back and re-purposed as a curtain. Pretty neat huh?
      Have fun finding the mag!

  3. Love the hanky idea…if you have them go for it! That way you can pick up any color you want to. And, don’t you just love the new magazine?!! Tried to stop by and say “hi” at Camp Dearborn, but you were away…probably taking pictures and getting ideas of your own 🙂

    • Hi Nancy, Oh! Sorry I missed you at Camp Dearborn. I don’t have any hankies at the moment but thinking of maybe looking for some at our local antique mall. I know a few booths there that have quite a few. I think the look I’m going for is white with a splash of color. The hanky idea sort of fits the bill. Something soft, yet pretty.

  4. Oh my gosh I love the vintage hankie curtains!! I would use the fabric as mentioned above apron, napkins, placemats, toaster cover endless options…. Look forward to seeing what you do!

    • I’m also thinking of vintage feed/grain sacks. I have a bunch of them that I could use. Some have images while others just the lettered text. I’m trying to think a bit outside the box for other curtain ideas (:

  5. Hankies over appliances definitely.

  6. I love the fabric…but wouldn’t use it on all the windows. What is your cushion fabric like in the camper? What color are the walls inside? I would suggest using it somewhere…maybe a table runner, or cover the cushions for the table area. Then make coordinating curtains, like possibly pink/white stripe or pink polka dot, for the other windows. If you’re going for a retro look inside your camper, I wouldn’t worry too much about the long term…it will be darling. If you think you’ll change the “theme” of the camper then maybe not. But the fabric rocks! Here’s my vintage camper…I went with a cowgirl/shabby cottage look with lace and chandelier…;postID=9090836489888140696

    • The seats are an off white. So pretty much anything goes unless I opt to re-cover them. I’m thinking now along the lines of vintage feed/grain sakes or vintage hankies sewn for curtains.

  7. Hankies please!

  8. Suziq1023 says:

    The retro fabric would make a good valance over a stripe or solid but I think they’d be best as tea towels with a Rick-rack and pom-pom trim. Those hankie curtains are fabulous too. But for a canned ham trailer I’d keep the curtains calm and breezy with a simple pattern.

  9. Maryann protasiewicz says:

    I love it. Deff to busy. You could use it for pillows on the bench seat. Either solid or pathwork with other Retro or coordinating fabrics. Also it would look great as a wide border on the nottom of a cafe curtain. Kitchen towels hots pads depending on the. Material.

  10. That material is really cute. I think it would make a great apron, bench covers at the table or window cover for the dining area, but not the whole trailer.

  11. Love this for the kitchen area. You can always pull a coordinating print, or solid for the more general areas of the camper. This fabric can just “set the stage”. You can also use various shades of the color. pale pink goes with hot pink, pale blue with turquoise etc. It appears to me there’s even some gray in there too. I think you can pull a lot of ideas from that fabric. I’m so curious to see what you come up with!

  12. lizanne says:

    When I saw that fabric the first thing that came to mind was it would be too much for the whole camper… But what if you used it over the kitchen window? (valance, curtain or shade) Or for kitchen accessories? (cozies over things, apron or what not) And for the curtains, maybe you could use a gingham fabric in a color from the kitchen print fabric so they coordinate?

    We had a 15′ vintage field & stream trailer from the 60’s (61, I think – it was my in-laws’ first & then we had it). Loved that trailer. Had full-size bed & bunk in the back, kitchenette could convert to a full-size bed (if needed) & it had a twin-size bunk over the dinette. Sink, stove top stove (no oven), ice box, closet w/pole & 1-shelf, and a 2nd closet with shelves (one box per shelf held each person’s clothes). Interior all birch, with sage green accents (cream & sage curtains), and formica counter & table top in cream with the gold specks. Miss that little camper. It was totaled a couple years ago when we were transporting it up to the area we were moving to (early snowstorm hit & the tiny highway was not plowed or treated … bad road conditions caused trailer to jack-knife & I lost both my trailer and truck at the same time … just glad my husband & eldest son were ok).

    I so want to get another one, but I have no idea where to look. My kids loved our trailer & miss camping… Any ideas? I think the Shasta’s were similar in style.

  13. Lisa DeGrenier says:

    Cute fabric! Maybe for kitchen curtains but not for all. I agree, perfect for a super cute retro apron to hang on display in the vintage camper or perhaps to sew into pot holders or as a ruffle onto a dish towel.

  14. Love the hankie idea, but you could also do something in a white eyelet or lace (or something) and hang the fabric (like a hankie, formed into a triangle) like bunting and then change it whenever you wanted or with the season, etc.

  15. Gloria Black says:

    Very cute fabric for your kitchen area! You could coordinate it with checks or stripes of even a different color for some interest! Great for tablecloth or placemats,pillows for bench seats,or adorable apron! I have used red and white checked and striped tea towels for curtains in my first vintage trailer. I am currently working on my second,I love it!


    • Hi Monique, the curtains were made from vintage feed and grain sacks. You can find them on Etsy or Ebay. Just type in vintage feed sack in the search box. Glad you like them!

  17. Slim Redbud says:

    I would sue that in just the kitchen window … then add complimentary curtains elsewhere..
    They don’t all have to be the same 😉 .

  18. Debbie Deatherage says:

    I think your trailer is adorable, you can’t go wrong with anything you do. There are so many cute vintage fabs with co-ordinated companion fabrics. I bought printed hankerchief fabric at a local quilt shop in Effingham, IL. I’m sure you could find it on-line, too. Face it, it is hard to find handkerchiefs that can survive much washing. Just an idea. Your stove still works? Gosh & it’s one year younger than me! ;-(

  19. Peggy McGee says:

    Love your fabric but it may be a bit much in a small trailer. I too am looking at new curtains for a 1963 Shasta. Since my trailer is turquoise and white with turquoise counter top and tabletop I want to use a fabric with a vintage print with turquoise and a neutral background. To keep the fabric from being overwhelming I had planned to use a light colored neutral fabric to make the curtains and add a strips of the vintage fabric at the top and bottom with fabric loops to hang on the rods. Also planned to use vintage fabric to make the tie-backs. These curtains may be some extra work to make but sure be very nice in a small space.

    Good luck restoring your trailer.

  20. If you haven’t used it yet, you could send it to me! I’d happily pay for it, of course. 🙂 Lisa

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