61 Shasta Compact “Buttercup” For Sale

This cutie is now SOLD. Ah, yes I know it’s hard to believe that I’m actually putting Buttercup up for sale! It’s a hard decision and I may change my mind and pull the ads at anytime! My reason for selling her is simple because I have another dream I’d like to pursue and while I don’t HAVE to sell her to make that dream happen, it would likely happen quicker if I did sell her. That dream is to find an buy a piece of property. We are actually thinking about maybe something over on Lake Michigan that has a 2-4 acres, maybe with a small cabin already on it….a place where we can take our other trailer and camp or invite friends and family to come and camp with us! Just our own little get-a-way place. Anyway….so if you are interested in Buttercup, you probably need to not hesitate because I can’t guarantee that I won’t have second thoughts on selling her.

So on with the info…. Use the links below to view the cooresponding photos.

This trailer has been renovated and is camp ready. It’s been used by American Greetings in a photo shoot last fall for a possible new product line. This trailer does NOT leak and I’ve not seen any evidence that it ever did leak. I know, I know. . .they all must leak at some point right? But honestly. . .come look for yourself and you’ll see what I mean. There are no signs that I can find on the interior wood that this trailer ever leaked. It has a large closet with shelving that I added and still plenty of room for a port-a-potti or luggable loo. The following has been done (photo documentation available). I had the restoration shop check and fix the propane lines to the stove and both the stove and oven work. Although I never used them and not sure they were actually used at all to be honest as it’s so clean! The water lines to the sink all look intact and again I never used the sink.
Rear skin replaced with new skin. See photos here: http://littlevintagetrailer.com/2011/02/shasta-compact-renovation-coming-along/

Interior wash (this trailer wasn’t birch but a very pale ash so we added a pale yellow wash to the interior to freshen it up). See what the trailer interior originally looked like here: http://littlevintagetrailer.com/2010/12/61-shasta-compact/

Door painted with chalkboard paint. See photos here: http://littlevintagetrailer.com/2012/03/how-to-paint-your-vintage-trailer-door-with-chalkboard-paint/

Diamond plate added to the front (not because there was damage, but because I love the look of diamond plate and the protection it offers the front). See photos here: http://littlevintagetrailer.com/2012/03/adding-diamond-plate-to-your-trailer/ and http://littlevintagetrailer.com/2012/04/vintage-compact-gets-some-technology/ to see that we added a bit more as it wasn’t quite tall enough the first go round.

New professionally covered cushions. These were covered in a palm tree motif. I have since covered them in a temporary fashion with aqua fabric. This can be easily removed if you wish and the original cushions revealed. The dinette converts to king size bed. This bed is huge! We’ve slept 4 people on this bed (2 adults, 1 teen and 1 child. http://littlevintagetrailer.com/2011/04/how-to-convert-two-single-beds-into-one/

Also comes with a redone canvas cot. Perfect for a child.

New professional paint job 2 years ago. http://littlevintagetrailer.com/2011/03/61-shasta-compact-gets-new-paint-job/

Interior wood and framing of door rebuilt. http://littlevintagetrailer.com/2011/03/61-shasta-compact-exterior-door-rebuild/ and http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-QBvTC4pR6T0/TpwoLjun3YI/AAAAAAAACeA/rTCnlq9bde8/s1600/Buttercup.jpg (note, this is before we painted the interior of the door in chalkboard paint).

New black and white checkered flooring

Large closet with room for a port-a-potty. Shelving installed in the back of closet (not shown)

The stove has been professionally re-porcelained in aqua (it used to be brown). NOT painted! Reporcelained is where they fire the color on at 1200 degrees. http://littlevintagetrailer.com/2012/02/before-after-vintage-stove-porcelain/

Bearings re-packed, Newer tires and Baby moon hubcaps All the work done on this trailer was done by a restoration shop. http://littlevintagetrailer.com/2011/04/vintage-shasta-compact-renovation-is/ I then added my own touches and décor to the trailer as you see it now.

ALWAYS stored in an enclosed covered carport. http://littlevintagetrailer.com/2012/06/new-poll-how-many-vintage-campers-do-you-own/

We have thoroughly enjoyed this trailer! Now it’s time to let someone else enjoy our little Buttercup!

Buttercup weighs 1160 lbs and tows great!

Optional items NOT included in selling price but willing to negotiate if buyer should want them:

* Like new awning and add-a-room by Marti – http://littlevintagetrailer.com/2012/03/new-awning-add-a-room-by-martis-awnings/
* 19 inch flat screen TV and separate DVD player with remote – http://littlevintagetrailer.com/2012/04/vintage-compact-gets-some-technology/
* Front window rock guard that I had made from one that came off of a different vintage trailer.

CLEAR TITLE IN HAND. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE. I’m not in a hurry to sell and to be honest if she doesn’t sell I’m OK with that as well. So I won’t entertain low offers.

Location: Just north of Toledo, Ohio

PRICE: $9,500


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  1. Maria get off says:

    Where is she located?

  2. This makes my heart smile – I would love to have this, but I’m in NJ and wouldn’t know how to get it here! We have a home down the shore and I would love this for overflow guests (or me!).

    • Jane, there is always U-ship.com. We actually had a trailer years ago shipped to us via U-ship from Mass. to here. It was much better than making that long round trip.

      • I have heard of that site. Isn’t there Horse & Carriage too? Congrats on the sale……I know you will miss her.

  3. OH, how I wish I had the money to get this!!! I told my husband I need to sell a kidney! LOL!! She is such a gorgeous, sweet little camper! Someone will get a lot of enjoyment out of her! Just wish it was me (boohoo! LOL).

  4. I love her! We live on property and it’s like camping everyday 🙂 you’ll love it!

  5. Does Buttercup have trailer brakes?

    • Dave, no it doesn’t have brakes. These trailers are so light I don’t think you’d need them. I imagine you could install them if you really wanted to. But at 1160lbs, braking has never been an issue with that light weight.

  6. She is absolutely adorable! I can see where it would be hard to sell her. I very new to the thought of having a vintage trailer and love, love, love your website. So much great information….

  7. Kimberly says:

    We can’t wait to bring this Texas Rose er I mean Buttercup home with us. Thank you Kelle 🙂

    • I’m really happy for you both Kimberly. It will be hard saying goodbye to her but she’ll be going on to new adventures and I know you both will enjoy having her so much!

  8. Fell in love with Buttercup the minute I saw her! Sold before I even made it home from work! 🙁
    Just for information – how many feet is she? Dear Hubby and I are debating her size!

    Congrats on the sale and we wish it was us!!!


  9. Congratulations on the sale and congrats to the lucky new owners of this beauty! I wish it was me that bought her……sniff. Someday I will find my own little baby……..Thanks so much for sharing her with us!

  10. Do you recall what size her wings are? Are they original. I just bought a gut job 1961 Shasta Compact and I don’t have any wings…:( Also, do you remember how wide of an awning you got for her? Thanks!

  11. Hey, can you share who did Buttercup’s facelift? Babe is looking for a little work….Thanks in advance…I’m new to this!

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